BLACK - Gemma di salute
A Natural, Healthy, Multinutrient product extracted from the rice grain

What is it?

The most valuable part of the rice grain The most valuable part of the rice grain What is it?

The most valuable part of the rice grain is the germ, which is the embryo from which the sprout develops. This tiny part contains the most useful and important components for both the new plant and humans: vitamins, plant-based proteins, fats, fibers, and minerals.

The whitening process of rice inevitably causes the detachment of the germ from the grain, thus dispersing its most vital and nutritious part.

Black is born from the desire of an Italian company to recover all the nutrients of the rice grain in a concentrate that represents the first natural multinutrient, a very precious nutraceutical, and a valuable ally for the body.

Did you know that rice is the staple food for most of the world's population, being at the same time a healthy, nutritious, and dietary food?
If you plant a rice grain, you will see a new plant sprout from the germ, giving life to a thousand rice grains.
Why Black? Why Black? Black rice

Black comes from a carefully selected Italian variety of black rice, chosen for its germ which is larger and more nutritious than any other and selected because it is exceptionally rich in anthocyanins, fibers, and minerals.

What does it do?

A natural source of fiber A natural source of fiber
The germ occupies only 2% of the grain but contains 66% of the nutrients.
Are you an athlete and want to increase your performance? Black promotes the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and reduces the feeling of tiredness and fatigue, thus helping you improve your performance thanks to its high content of vitamins, plant-based proteins, iron, and magnesium.

Black is a natural source of fiber which ensures normal digestive function and improves intestinal transit.

It is rich in zinc and anthocyanins, substances essential for protecting cells from oxidative stress, and linoleic acid, useful for the good functionality of tissues, brain development, and maintaining a normal cholesterol level.

Black is recommended by nutritionists for its pronounced antioxidant qualities, bringing health benefits and longevity. It is extracted from an Italian variety of black rice, classified by the Japanese Nutrition Service as a "functional food" because it is richer in molecules with positive health activities, such as anthocyanins.

Nutrition Facts for 100gVNR%
Energy 1719 kj - 415 kcal20,75 %
(of which saturated)
25 g
5,68 g
35,7 %
28,4 %
(of which sugars)
13 g
2,63 g
4,86 %
2,92 %
Fiber 28 g
Proteins 21 g42,2 %
Salt 0 g0 %
Iron 4,75 mg33,9 %
Potassium 1790 mg89,9 %
Magnesium 5000 mg133,3 %
Vitamin B1 4,92 mg445,5 %
Vitamin B6 2,15 mg153,6 %
Vitamin E 2,28 mg19 %
Linoleic Acid 0,35 g

Ingredients: Black rice germ
Produced and packed in Italy at Tenuta Colombara in Livorno Ferraris (VC)

Usage tips

A product for all occasions A product for all occasions

Black is ideal for flavoring your days: enjoy it pure, in teaspoons in yogurt and ice cream, and try enriching your preparations in the kitchen: it is ideal for flavoring salads and fruit salads, first courses but also meat and fish.

Black is naturally
In adults is recommended a daily intake of 3 teaspoons, equivalent to about 12g.
Once opened, store it in the fridge!

Black 1 can 150g



Black 4 cans 150g